Lamaze Cloth Book Review

 Lamaze cloth books were developed by child expert Dorothy Singer, Ed. D. These collections of age appropriate books are soft books that are designed to present children with characters, stories, content and colors that are relevant to their age group. It is important to start planting the seeds that will need to grow so that your child will take an interest in reading. This is why even infants can benefit from these types of Baby Lamaze Cloth Books. 

The Lamaze development techniques for infants uses these books as a way to help introduce young babies to skills that they will need to use later in life. By using characters babies can relate to, babies are able to become better acquainted with important social skills such as:

• Cooperating
• Sharing
• Taking turns

Because Lamaze cloth books are placed together into a set, parents and caregivers are able to choose the best book for the baby at the right time. These books are created with fabrics that are washable. The pages of the books are very durable and have bright contrasting colors. All of these features are visually appealing to babies and it makes reading time more special as the babies learn and discover new things.

Most of the Lamaze cloth books average about five pages and they are filled with wonderful colors, textured materials and sentences that are short and easy to learn.

Since these books are made from high quality materials you do not have to worry about the books becoming worn. They can be tossed in the washing machine and cleaned so your baby will also stay healthy while enjoying the cloth books.

These books are the best developmental toys that you can purchase for your baby because they grow with your child. As your child becomes older, you can easily purchase the next collection of age appropriate cloth books for your child. The books will allow your baby to develop their motor skills by picking up the books, and the books will help with their visual development as they look at the brightly colored characters.

There are several Lamaze cloth books that are recommended for different age categories.

“Peekaboo I Love You” Lamaze Cloth Book

The main features of this book are the easy to pull flaps. The book also teaches words that are critical for your child to learn as their vocabulary expands. With a new element on every page, it is a very interactive book. It is created for ages 12 months and up.

“Emily’s Day” Lamaze Cloth Book

There is a rainbow of colors in this book that are in place to help stimulate your baby’s vision. Multiple textures allow babies to explore and develop their tactile senses as well. This book is perfect for ages 6 months and up.

“How Do I Feel?” Lamaze Cloth Book

Create specifically for newborns and up, it is designed to teach babies about emotions through the sense of touch. It has rich texture and color that will allow newborns to begin processing the world around them.

These are just a few of the many different Lamaze cloth books that are on the market. Begin introducing your baby to these developmental books as early as possible so they can begin their love of reading and learn necessary social skills.

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