The FURBY BOOM FIGURE Is An Amazing Next-Gen Furby

 Furbies were one of the best-selling toys of the 1990s and they are now making an amazing comeback thanks to new technologies that take the Furby experience one step further. We are all familiar with the classic Furbies dolls who would learn words or dance but wait until you see what the new Furby Boom Figure can do.

Main Features And Specifications

The new Furby can learn a lot more words, develops a personality and more importantly can be used in combination with an app that truly opens up new possibilities for the toy. The Furby Boom Figure is a lot more interesting for someone who has access to a tablet or a Smartphone so the app can be used along with the toy. Without the app, the Furby is still a fun companion for young children.
The Furby Boom Figure is a much smarter companion than the original Furby. Your Furby doll can now recognize their name and learn the names of other Furbies they come across. If your friends have Furbies too, the toys will learn and remember each others’ names as they come in contact. Furby’s vocabulary has grown too. The dolls have twice as many possible responses as before, which should make for some interesting conversations.
The personality of your Furby will be shaped and evolve in function of how you interact with the toy. The mood of your Furby will change throughout the day in function of the activities you choose. Interacting with your Furby is now easier thanks to the Furby dictionary available online. You can check the online dictionary to find some fun words and expressions your Furby knows. Furby’s vocabulary has been updated and your toy will now be familiar with modern expressions such as ‘awesomesauce’.

Furby Apps

The introduction of a Furby app you can use to interact with your toy is what really triggered the regain in interest for this classic 1990s toy. You can use the app to name your Furby, give him some virtual food, a virtual shower or even a medical check up. You can also play a number of games, including Furball (Furby’s version of soccer). The app also allows you to hatch eggs and earn other achievements. The eggs hatched into the game become furbling, a smaller version of the Furby. Your Furblings don’t have to stay virtual since you can now purchase Furblings toys. The Furblings toys can be used to unlock more things in the Furby app and can also talk with your Furby Boom.


The new generation of Furby toys has been entirely redesigned. Furby remains very recognizable but you will notice some new colors and patterns that make the toy more appealing. You can for instance get a white and pink polka dot Furby Boom doll or a Furby with a black and white zigzag pattern.
The Furby Boom is a successful re-imagination of a classic 1990s toy thanks to the new possibilities offered by apps and portable devices. The toy will provide your child with a unique experience that mixes real world play with a fun virtual world.


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