VTech – Rhyme and Discover Book a Learning Aid for Your Baby

 This book is a type of electronic toy that combines rhyme and rhythm along with lights. Your baby will love the nursery rhyme favorites and there are seven to choose from. The book has three character buttons that light up and can be played with on an interactive level, along with a button that plays musical notes.

There are six pages with an array of bright colors that will keep any baby entertained for hours. There are more than 20 songs, phrases and sounds that the child can play with and at the same time the characters that light up with questions encourage learning and thinking skills. The book can be used for children as young as six months.


-6 Colorful pages that are very easy to keep clean

-One button for musical notes

-3 Button tabs of characters that light up

-Available in the color pink

-Over 20 fun phrases, sounds and songs

Developmental Benefits:

-Language development

-Motor skills

-Auditory stimulation

-Children under 3 can benefit from discovery exploration

The VTech – Rhyme and Discover Book is recommended for ages from six months all the way up to 36 months. Your baby can benefit from learning skills with the light up characters and interactivity of the electronic toy. The book requires 2A batteries.

The book is extremely durable and can withstand being dropped and messed on, cleaning is super easy. Batteries come included with the toy and are known to last for a very long time.

The Advantages of the VTech – Rhyme and Discover Book

-Very affordable toy

-Easy to clean


-Visually interesting with seven pictures and tab buttons that light up, these tabs come shaped in a puppy, kitten and lamb

-Musical variety, some of the songs included: ( Little Bo Peep, Old McDonald has a farm, This old man and many more)

The Disadvantages of the VTech – Rhyme and Discover Book

-The off and on switch comes with a choice in two volumes. The louder one is too loud for younger babies. The low volume is adequate; however the volume button is easily accessible to the child.

-Some of the songs only play a partial part and some do not have the lyrics.

Overall the product is highly recommendable for a baby as the toy can last for more than two years and offer highly beneficial learning aspects. In various reviews parents have stated that the toy can keep a young child occupied for up to twenty minutes at a time. The songs help the child to learn and have fun at the same time.

One of the main aspects of the VTech – Rhyme and Discover Book is that it is extremely hard to break; this can mean you won’t have to worry every time your child drops the toy. You can keep the toy hygienic with a quick wipe down of a damp cloth. The toy is a wonderful idea as a gift.


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