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Donna asks…

What toys should 1 year old get for bday? Baby Toddler?

This age is entering a whole new stage in life…..and will start needing new toys. Ive been asked by my family to make a B-Day list for my baby.

What toys or things did you get or wish you got for your 1 year olds B-Day? What would you reccomend? All the toys I have now are for under 1 year like teething rings and rattles.

admin answers:

When my daughter was one we asked for toys that said on the box 12+ or 18+ months and pretend play things like puppets and dolls, a play tent and a little tikes workbench. Even though yours might not be quite ready to play with those things properly they are fun for them to bang arounf with and then after a few months when they catch on they will have the next stage of toys available to them. They seem to go though a stage around 12-18 months where they are too big for baby toys and too young for the next stage toys. My daughter at 18 months it really just starting to use the older kid toys. Oh yea the one thing she loved when she got it at her first birthday was the FisherPrice Little People bus and farm. Another great gift was toddler style musical instruments (if your sanity can handle it). Anyhow hope that helps .

Sandra asks…

What are the best intellectual toys/books for 1 year old baby?

admin answers:

At this point of development, your new toddler’s form of learning will be the world and how it works (concept of gravity, pushing and sorting things, and what the world looks like when they are walking). Almost any toy and book that is age-appropriate will be something new to learn. Thus, Baby Einstein toys/books and anything else trying to push intellectual stimulation is related more to a sales gimmick than anything else.

Sorting toys, push toys, and books that show very colourful pictures are stimulating.

Mandy asks…

What can I get for a 1 Year Old boy?

A friend of mine is throwing a huge celebration for her baby next week, when he turns one. I am not much of a kid person, and have no idea what you would get a 1 year old baby.

Any suggestions? No toys because the kid apparently has enough of them.

admin answers:

Tickets to the zoo.
An empty box (that’s kind of a joke but kids love boxes)
Bath toys (mine always have lots of toys but not many for the bath)
New sheets (especially if moving to toddler bed soon)
Sippy Cups

You could go a whole different route and get a present for the mom congratulating her on surviving the 1st year.

Paul asks…

Help! My 2 year old is overprotective with her toys from the 1 year old. Every day is stressful?

My 2 year old daughter was given a ton off toys over the past couple years. Now we have a 1 year old that is showing interest in these toys. Every time she touches a toy there is a huge temper tantrum and sometimes even hitting. We all play in the living room (we have a small apartment). The 2 year old doesn’t like playing in her room. She likes to be around all of us. Because we can’t always separate off into groups (ie. I take the baby and my wife takes the two year old and we play in different areas) this causes constant tension. The little one is attracted to our older daughter and touches her things and we have a blow-up. It is just impossible to have our older daughter keep all of her things away from the baby. Also, she realizes that the “baby toys” were once hers and doesn’t want the baby to touch those either!

I want to respect my older daughters need for boundaries and space, and have things that are “hers”. At her age this is important for her development. But, we can’t seem to make it work. Does anyone have anything that worked for their kids? Keep in mind, we have a small apartment and our older daughter likes to be with us all the time. She won’t really go to another area of the apartment and play alone, or even with one of us. She is a people person. We can’t do anything with the physical space differently, because the living room is small and has a play-space about 10 ft x 10 ft. Basically, we will always have a little baby pestering her.

admin answers:

Every child is different so what works with one may not work with yours , try the “1 2 3 Magic ” approach works for me with one of my kids . Youtube 123 magic or vids can be bought from any kids store or even your local community centre should have parent classes explaining it.
Surely you can understand your older daughters fear of losing toys if your giving all her old ones to the ‘new kid’. But at 2 most kids have just learnt they can defend their belongings. As for the tension , they are only babies , just wait for the teens 😀
I totally dissagree with what Altrissa said , we teach our kids not to share by our actions as parents , if i came over and asked to borrow your car or tv or stereo or fridge I bet you’d be saying ‘no chance’ as we get older we just learn what and when to share to get benifits we need. Your daughter will learn screaming is of no benifit and will learn more socially acceptable ways to not share as she gets older , she is 2 , sheesh , let her just act like a 2 year old.

Joseph asks…

What would you recommend for a babies first Christmas Gifts (1 yr old baby).?

I am already starting to plan for my babies first Christmas! She will be 9 months old at Christmas, but I was thinking of getting her gifts for when she is 1yr+. What has been the best toy you have brought your 1 year old baby or what do you think I should get my little girl?

admin answers:

My daughter will be 1 on the 8th nov i have started shopping and just got her a car that she sits in and i push around. Teddy cloths and noisey toys

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