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James asks…

Did your toddler have a big chance at 3 years old?

I have heard that at 3 years old toddlers have this big transformation and just all of a sudden it’s possible to do things with them and they are more interested in sitting and playing, etc. I was just wondering what everyone’s experience with 3 year old kids are, especially 3 year old boys!

My son is 2 years and 9 months old — 3 months until the big birthday! I love him so much, but he is driving me nuts! He doesn’t listen to anything (I don’t expect him too listen to it all and be perfect, I understand he is still a kid and will still be at 3 and 4 and 5, etc.). But it’s gotten to the point where he can be told to stop 15 times, be removed from the situation by my husband or myself, have toys taken away, and still go back and do it 5 minutes later! Right now it is hard because we can’t do the “send him to his room” thing, as we are living with my in-laws until we close on our house, so there are 4 of us in the bedroom – my husband, me, our son, and our daughter who is 1 year and 9 months old. The only things in the bedroom are everyone’s bed and a bureau. If he was put in there he would jump on our bed, which is too high up if he falls, and he would climb on the bureau, as well as destroy everything on it (a night lamp, radio, alarm clock, fan). He doesn’t want to play with his toys, he just wants to dump them all in a pile and run through them and drive over them with his ride on toys. I think this will all be solved when we move, as he used to play with toys, but right now there is no room to put anything, so I think he is getting overwhelmed with every toy both he and his sister have being in one room – the living room! But it is even getting hard to take him out in public. We have ever since he was born, but we can no longer take him out to eat, as he is getting worse and worse! We always took him grocery shopping and to the mall, thinking he would get better if we let him go with us, but it is so we can’t even take him anymore. He refuses the cart and refuses to hold our hands to walk. He takes off running or starts touching everything on the shelves. Luckily he has only broken 1 jar of salsa one time…. And he is getting his sister to start in on these things too! I am just at my end! I think when we move it will solve everything for the most part, as he never used to act this way. He has always been very active and high energy, but we could at least talk to him and explain things and play together.

Anyways, sorry so long, had to vent and I won’t take it out on my kids. If you read this far, just what are your experiences with a toddler in the respects of how their playing habits changed and how their listening habits changed when they turned 3
Thank you for all of those suggestions and that lengthy answer, but I have unfortunately tried all of this, and I enforce and stick to whatever I say. I believe the problem lays in the fact that we are living with my husbands parents. Grandpa isn’t bad, but Grandma is a whole different story. She see’s no problem coming home at the kids bedtime only to get the kids totally wound up so that 2 hours later they are still not sleeping and are way too overtired. She undermines everything I say or do with the kids. If I tell the kids they can’t do something and finally have them listening, she tells them that this is her house and that is not a rule in her house! It is driving me nuts…. hopefully only 30 more days….. if all goes well. She says they are kids and will act like that and to let them be kids! They have broken so many things and she acts like it is no big deal. I don’t want my kids to think it’s okay to break other people’s things.

admin answers:

This is what I’ve heard children are better on their birthdays and get diffecult around there half birthays. My son is turning 3 on monday and I’m still waiting for that turn around. Also my son is starting to get an imagination so he plays better by himself but I still have to talk him in to it.

Michael asks…

What’s the current “it” toy for a 4 year old boy?

My son’s birthday is next Friday, and I’ve been planning this awesome pirate party for him. I grew up in a household with very limited finances, and am not rich by anyones standards today so he doesn’t get new toys a lot through the year (just so you don’t think I’m one of these over-indulgent moms who spoil their kid!). Because it’s his birthday though, I really want to get him something that he’ll absolutely love and get a lot of use out of. I was looking at the big power wheels things that you ride on, but those are a little pricey and we don’t have the kind of space required to drive one of those around.

So what is the “hot” toy for toddlers right now?

admin answers:

4 is such a great age for boys! My son just turned 5, and I’m telling you it just gets more fun! At 4, my son started getting into Legos (they even have the small pirate sets), Spiderman is always a favorite, sorry to tell you but you will never go wrong with one of those ride ons! You dont have to be a big spender to give him an awesome day. Outdoor stuff is fun – like that bubble rocket launcher, of course water guns, maybe a new bike or scooter, or even a new sand/water table? Transformers are totally cool for them as well. They have this mask (by far ALL of my sons friends’ favorite toy) of Optimus Prime. You put it on and you sound just like him! The boys go wild. In fact, I believe they just came out with the Yellow one, Bumblebee and his arm thing. Yea, transformers are huge for boys! I think thats what I suggest (haha, after this huge long answer!) I’d go with Transformers and Spiderman. They arent a passing “fad” they your son will grow out of in a year or so. OH wait – one more idea! I swear, Im not a crazy woman, but once my brain starts going – I believe its made by Razor. Its called The Green Machine. Your son will get years of use from it. Its a bike, similar to a big wheel, that has these gears you pull to make the bike slide and spin out. I know, every mothers horror, but every mans thrill! My son LOVES his cousins, its very durable, and he will be getting one for Christmas. Its just another idea for you. Sorry if I rambled or confused you, I just love shopping for kids!!

David asks…

Help! My toddler cusses 🙁 What can i do?

My 2 year old little boy started saying “f*ck!” at every opportunity.. now though he says it when hes extremely frustrated e.g in the supermarket when he doesnt get on the ride on toys or if hes not getting his way, infact even if he drops something he will sigh and say the F word. His automatic response has also become “shut up!” i have to admit i am less than careful with swearing around him but since he’s started i have made an effort to curb the potty mouth. As for the shut up he really does say it to everyone and even screams the F word out in supermarkets when hes not getting his way. What can i do to stop this behaviour? Help!

admin answers:

First off….lesson learned. You now know that you have to watch every word that comes out of your mouth and the TV and everyone else that is around your child.

Eventually, he will phase this out. Next time he says “shut up” then sternly tell him that we don’t say things like that to people and next time he says it he will get a time out. If he says it again, then he gets a time out. Like he has to go sit on the naughty step. Make the last step in your house the “naughty step” and that’s where he goes for time out.
If he gets up…which he will, then you pick him up and put him back on the step.
Once you feel he’s been there long enough to understand, then let him up.
Same with the f word.
However, he is also doing this out of shock value. I’m sure he likes the reaction you give him everytime he says these things.

So, you want to enforce that “we don’t say these things” and the time outs but also a bit of ignoring too.

Hope this helps.
Take care.

Lizzie asks…

What are some suggestions for a 2 year olds birthday and Christmas?

Hi my son (currently 18 months) has a birthday and Christmas 3 days apart. I’m looking for some good things to give him. So far, I’ve bought a couple of the Thomas the Train Early Engineers pieces and a rideon 4-wheeler. I was looking for more suggestions as other family members are asking what to get and I’m still looking. I was wondering about a toddler trampoline – are they worth the money? Any specific ideas would be SO appreciated. He is a typical boy – loves being outside, cars, trucks, sand, rideon toys, and his bubble blowing lawn mower. Thanks so much!

admin answers:

Our son will be 2 on Dec 19 and we are getting him that Chuck the talking truck. BTW our Owen received the 4 wheeler last Christmas and loves it.

John asks…

should i let my son play with a bossy child?

my toddler son is 22 months old and loves to be with other kids.. i usually have play-dates for him and it works wonder. recently my husband’s collegue who is also a family friend moved into my neighborhood..they have a son who is turning 4 in march… their son is not at all nice towards my boy but always want to come to play at my house. he takes away my son’s rides and hides his toys so that my son cant take that stuff away. he doesnt let him sit on my son’s ride and ignores him most of the time.. i allowed this boy to play with my son so that they can socialize and my son can play with other kids. the worst part is that the 4 year old’s mother always defends her son… whenever i see him snatching something from my son’s hand she woudl say that he is hungry or he is sleepy and that he shares with other kids but he doesnt with my son.. recently i didnt let her come in with her son twice for playing coz i am done with this situation…the boy’s mother is a great friend and i dont want to lose my friendship becoz of the boys. she would never say anything to her son and even if she does, he starts crying immediately and she would pick him and wont talk about it..should i let the two boys play??? plz help
i must tell you that my son would play with any child that would come to my house.. sometimes he wants to sit on his ride and the boy’s mom tells her son to share but he refuses… plainly.. recently he hided my son’s toys and my son wanted them son kept on trying to get to the toys but the boy kept on pushing him away… my son grabbed another toy and hit the boy on his was a plastic toy and it didnt hurt but the other boy made a big deal by crying for son is also getting frustrated on all this

admin answers:

I would use this situation as an opportunity to teach, but make sure that you are your son’s advocate while some of this is going on. I went through a similar situation with a friend, and I wasn’t sure what to do either. She was my very best friend, but her son was a literal terror to my son.

As soon as her son would start up (he would take flying leaps at my son, and punch my son for playing with his own toys at our house), I would calmly state, “We share at our house”, or “We don’t hit, push, kick our friends at our house”. I would also make sure that my son had any of his favorite toys put aside before this child would come over. If her son kept abusing mine, I would say something like “Why don’t one of you come over here and play with this toy, and one of you can stay over there and play with that toy”, and “We are going to have to stop the playdate and leave if we can’t treat each other right”. If the situation continued, I would usually gracefully excuse myself from the situation, and try again another day. My friend was like yours, and wouldn’t discipline her son for hurting mine, which wasn’t fair.

On the ride home, I would use the situation as a learning opportunity for my son, like, we don’t act the way that boy was acting toward you. I’m glad you don’t act that way with your friends. We should never treat our friends that way. And so on….

Eventually, the mother I’m talking about and I lost touch, probably very much to do with the situation between our sons….it caused so much tension between the two of us. It’s unfortunate…

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