Your Questions About Ride On Toys For Toddlers

Joseph asks…

when can toddlers ride riding toys on their own?

By the way – i’ve decided that it’s time for me to move to this section!!!!!!!!!! Yay! I have a perfected 10 month old walker who is Everywhere! I think that qualifies us 🙂

admin answers:

Usually around 1 1/2 I’d say. They need long enough legs to reach the floor for some of those riding toys. Some of the brands you can find at Target are really small, so you might get your child to try one of those. =) Welcome to the Toddler and Preschool section! =)

Sandra asks…

Toddler ride on toy in a hotel room?

We are taking a trip to the zoo in about 2 weeks. We have never really been on vacation or stayed overnight anywhere besides the in laws since my 16 month old was born. She loves her Mickey Mouse ride on toy, so I was wondering whether or not I would be allowed to take it to the hotel with us. I know usually most parents take little toys that fit in a bag, but she isn’t really interested in anything besides building blocks (which I plan on taking) and her ride on toy. I know many hotels have restrictions on things, so I have no idea whether this would be one of them or not. We are going on the trip for 3 days and my husband has some work to do while we are there, so my daughter and I will be in the hotel room by ourselves for a period of time, which is why I wanted to take something to keep her entertained, and her ride on toy is her favorite.

Its a regular size ride on push toy. I just don’t want to take it all that way and have something said about having it in the room. We really haven’t traveled enough to know hotel policy on things and seeing as how we are going on another trip in June to Dolly wood, I would really like to know.

admin answers:

I’m actually a manager at a hotel, and I can tell you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with bringing a ride-on toy for your daughter. The only thing that could possibly become an issue is if it is extremely loud to the neighboring guests and they complain, but this is highly unlikely (unless the hotel has hardwood floors, or your daughter is partying loudly in the middle of the night!).
From a mother standpoint, however, you may want to reconsider packing something so big. There will be enough other stimulation around in a new place that she won’t really need it, and it will just become cumbersome. (I speak from experience – the first trip we took with our daughter, we overpacked SO much only to find out that our hotel room was on the third floor, and the hotel didn’t have an elevator!!!!) Find a hotel with an indoor pool if you can; if they don’t have a pool, at least let her walk around the lobby, and around the grounds outside if the weather is nice. Take her shopping, or to some local parks or something. When we were traveling this summer (our daughter was 19 months old), her favorite thing to play with were the travel brochures we picked up at a rest stop along the way.
Any good hotel (even if they don’t have a concierge!) will have knowledgeable front desk staff that can point you in the direction of entertaining things to do.

Betty asks…

Help me find a toddler ride on toy..?

The one I am looking for is plastic, made for young children maybe 12months+. It is mostly pink and white, designed for girls. It has a basket on the front with a plush baby doll in it. I seen it at wal-mart a few months ago and thought it would make a great Easter gift for my almost 1 year old. Now that it is time to buy, I cannot find a trace of it anywhere. Do you know the name of the toy I’m looking for? Help, I’m running out of shopping time!

admin answers:

Try their website. They may have it listed and then you can buy on line through them or google it and see what other stores may have it.

Chris asks…

Best ride-on pull/push toy for toddlers?

I want to get my one year old a toy she can rideon while I pull/push her on walks around the neighborhood, but I can’t figure out which one to get.

I’d decided on Step2’s Easy Steer Sportster, until I saw their All Around Wagon. And then I ran across a similar wagon from Radio Flyer. There’s too many choices!

Any opinions or suggestions?

admin answers:

Radio Flyer wagon is a classic.

Steven asks…

favorite outdoor toy for toddler?

what is your favorite outdoor toy for your toddler? Ride on toys? swing-set? water toys? if you can provide link, that would be great! thanks!

admin answers:

My kids love sidewalk chalk, balls, and kid replicas of adult things (lawn mower, rake, shovel…). Oh, and bubbles!
-Good Luck

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